Intensive English lessons at Marseille speaking performance in the workplace !

Your ticket to better English speaking performance in the workplace !

Are you satisfied with your English speaking performance in the international workplace? Do you lack a degree of confidence and natural reflexes whilst speaking English? Worse still are you translating in your head as you speak to your correspondents leaving an unpleasant silence between answers? These are signs that you need practice and training in English fluency.

One of the best ways to develop a more natural and relaxed approach to English is to take a intensive English lessons in Marseille. Many people say they don’t have time to work outside of their English lessons given their busy schedule the answer to this problematic is simple! It’s the right time to take intensive English lessons in your locality in taking time apart to the focus of improving your English fluency is something you will never regret as the comforts of speaking English with fluency confidence and a more relaxed attitude will have an immediate effect on your work performance and comfort in the workplace English coach offers a range of module of all training formulas which are adapted to your needs everything starts by asking the question what is your aim what do you want to achieve during this intensive English lessons?

English coach offers three formulas of intensive English lessons:

Very intensive English lessons – Marseille this is your ticket to immersion in English without leaving the country ! You will spend 10 hours a day including lunch in an English environment with your native English or American trainer expect a very consequence results from such exposure to the English language.

Intensive English lessons – Marseille is the most common formula chosen by our clients spending seven hours a day mornings and afternoons in English with a break for lunch.

Semi intensive English lessons – Marseille choose for yourself mornings and afternoons which are adapted to your schedule in this way you can maintain a presence in your work place and respond to your responsibilities whilst focusing half of your time on the development of your English fluency.

One of the reasons why English Coach intensive English lessons are great value for money is because we take the time to analyse in depth our clients needs and objectives with consideration their learning aptitudes and usual learning habits and adapt the course to their way they would learn best.

Not only do we choose an excellent learning method suited to your best learning habits but we also choose one of our native English English trainers who will have affinity to your person.English coach rigourously recruits all of its native English trainers for their proven experience on the ground, their positive pedagogy, and their ability to get results in a given time.Why not contact us today and share with us your English project with us?

We will be delighted to provide you with a solution that you will love you will have an opportunity to meet on the telephone or in person your teacher before starting your course being convinced of the dynamic between you and your trainer.

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